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Hospice Care Services

What is hospice? Hospice is a specialized, all-inclusive approach toward those whose illness, disease, or condition is unlikely to be cured. Patients under the care of hospice are in the final stages of a terminal illness. Treatment for the cure of that terminal illness has been stopped and focus shifts to the elimination of pain and to the support of patient and their family. Hospice and palliative care can help maintain or improve the quality of life for the individual while also attending to the needs of their families and caregivers.

Older woman hugging black dogThis type of treatment calls for hospice patients to receive a combined approach where medications, day-to-day care, equipment, bereavement counseling, and symptom treatment are administered through a single program. CareLinc Medical Equipment is proud to partner with hospice organizations to assist in caring for people with compassion, dignity, and respect for over 25 years. This care is often provided in a home residence but can also be served in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. The hospice care team, LTC team and clinical department often work together to provide the very best service for our hospice customers. 

Hospices receive durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies from CareLinc Medical Equipment with convenient online ordering options through portals like Qualis, StateServe, and Synapse.

Watch 'Dalton's Story' below to get to know one of our employees in the Southern region and the mindset behind his passion for working here every day. 

A short excerpt from a letter received at CareLinc written by an executive director at one of our hospices reads:

"We are part of a “sacred time” in the life of a hospice patient. In most cases we are part of the last chapter of these patients’ lives, I always thought I wanted the chapter to be written in their own words, it is after all their story. Think about all that you do on a daily basis, it is commendable and honorable."

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