Diabetes & Continuous Glucose Monitors

Getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor from CareLinc Medical is relatively straight forward. Once your doctor prescribes this device, our diabetes care team works to get you qualified and your supplies billed as a medical insurance benefit. Just think, finger sticks could be a thing of the past for you and your diabetes management!

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How CGM’s Work

For those diagnosed with diabetes, finger pricks and monitoring blood glucose levels is something that’s done several times a day, every single day. But there is a better way! A continuous glucose monitor can help in controlling diabetes in many patients. Here’s how it works. The monitor’s automatically checks blood sugar throughout the day and night, even while you sleep. A small sensor stays under the skin measuring your blood sugar levels every few minutes by testing the fluid between your cells. Then, your reading is wirelessly sent to a smartphone or device with the results. If blood sugar levels get too low or too high, an alarm signals you on your device. The sensor is changed every few days. Its just that easy. Watch our video testimonial from real CareLinc customers on how using a CGM has impacted their daily lives!


  • CGM systems provide real-time, dynamic glucose info 24/7!
  • No “fingersticks” are much less painful for the user!
  • Proactively manage your diabetes!
  • Two name-brand CGM’s available!
  • CareLinc verifies insurance benefits
  • Free shipping on your supplies!

CGM has changed not only my life and Bri’s (daughter) life, but tons of lives out there. I mean its amazing how you can control your diabetes and not have to worry about finger pricks and doing the things of the past.

Rob M.

Just having a CGM and being able to check my blood sugar on my phone is really easy and keeps me managed so I don’t have to change how I’m living.

Bri M.

You remember all the time, it’s a lot easier and the cool thing is my wife gets an alert every time I check my sugar.

Terry R.