Improve your overall mobility, safety, independence with a rollator. Rolling walkers come in a variety of sizes with various features and options to best suit your lifestyle. CareLinc carries a variety of walkers including 4 wheel walkers, 3 wheel walkers, bariatric walkers, and a number of walker accessories. See our selection below and contact us today with any questions you might have or if you need any assistance in selecting a model.

If you or a loved one is having trouble getting around, a mobility aid such as a rollator walker can be extremely helpful in everyday tasks. Sometimes extra assistance and stability from something to hold onto can greatly improve a person’s ability to get around. Gain the independence you’ve been lacking and the confidence in being able to get around on your own. If you are looking for extra support when on the move, rollators are a great option for both short-term and long-term assistance.

There are different types of rollators depending on a person’s specific needs and goals. All rollators will come standard with height adjustable seats, handles and hand brakes for the wheels. Before deciding on what type of rollator is best for you, consider the main features you’re looking for in a mobility aid. The types of rollators include:

  1. Standard Weight Rollator: This type is your standard version of a rollator. Typically, it is designed to hold up to 250 pounds of weight with a padded back rest.
  2. Folding Rollator Walker: As the name suggests, this type is very easy to fold. This makes it easy to bring along with you in the car or when you might be travelling long distances.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Rollator: If you plan on being outside a lot, you may want to consider an outdoor rollator. The main feature of this model are the 6-inch wheels that make it easier to navigate across different terrains. If you don’t plan on being outside often, a standard indoor rollator will be your best option.
  4. 3 Wheel Rollator: As the name suggests, this model has three wheels and is similar to a tricycle shape. These are more easy to maneuver and turn than other models due to the design. You can make sharper turns with this model making them more functional in smaller spaces.
  5. Bariatric Rollator: This type is designed to support more weight than the standard rollators. Typically, it can support anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds while some professional grade models have a weight capacity of more than 600 pounds.

4-Wheel Walkers

Our 4-wheel walkers are durable and stylish. The handle height is adjustable, which makes them easy to grip and comfortable to use for people of varying heights. The steel frame makes these walkers long-lasting, the deluxe loop locks are easy to use, and the padded backrest provides comfort should it be needed to use as a seat.

3-Wheel Walkers

CareLinc’s 3-wheel walkers are completely height adjustable to fit both tall and short users. These walkers are lightweight, easy to fold, include a basket and bag for additional storage, and have large wheels.

Bariatric Rolling Walkers

Our bariatric rolling walkers are designed with heavy-duty frames, oversized seats and 8″ wheels to support patients up to 400 pounds.

Rolling Walker Accessories

Purchase additional accessories to make your wheeled walker all your own. CareLinc has bags, baskets, cup holders, clip-on flashlights, trays, cushions and covers to customize your wheels!

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