Wheelchair Cushions

If you are using a wheelchair to get around and it is not very comfortable, you should consider a wheelchair cushion. These cushions add extra support and a more comfortable way to sit in your wheelchair. At CareLinc, we offer a wide variety of wheelchair cushions depending on your own personal preference and needs.

Invacare Absolute Wheelchair Cushion (HCPCS: E2601)

Foam Cushions

Product#: NO2601

Gel Cushions

Medline Contour Basic Wheelchair Cushion (HCPCS: 2601, 2602)

Contour Cushions

ROHO Wheelchair Cushions (high profile and low profile versions available in various sizes)

Air/ROHO Cushions

Medline Pommel Wheelchair Cushion

Pommel Cushions

Coccyx Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion (Various sizes available)

Coccyx Cushions

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