Toilet Safety

The toilet gets used a lot so keeping you safe with this daily function is very important. Give your standard toilet some leverage and support with great options in raised toilet seats, cushions and support rails.

Even though a simple task such as using the bathroom seems routine, for many people with restricted mobility it can be daunting and quite troublesome. Individuals who are suffering from osteoarthritis or have limited mobility can benefit from an elevated toilet seat to make the task of going to the bathroom much simpler. Adding a toilet seat riser to an existing toilet seat can make an everyday task such as sitting down or standing up a whole lot easier. Fortunately, CareLinc offers a number of options for you to improve the daily life of yourself or a loved one with a raised seat for the toilet.

A raised toilet seat is an assistive device that simply attaches to an existing toilet seat adding height to make it easier for a person with limited mobility or the elderly to sit down on. The extra height makes it much easier to sit down and then get back up afterward.

These seats provide a safe environment in the bathroom for those with mobility issues and can reduce the risk of falling or getting hurt while using the bathroom. American standard toilet seats have a height of only about an inch while elevated toilet seats can add another 2-6 inches to the existing height. There are also additional devices that can be used in conjunction with these to make it even easier to use the bathroom, such as toilet safety rails. These rails provide support on each side of the toilet ensuring that the person has stability when going to the bathroom.

It’s quite simple to install a raised toilet seat in your home. The process can be done in less than 10 minutes so that you’re able to use your toilet right away once completed. Simply lift the existing toilet seat and then place the new elevated toilet seat securely in place. However, some toilet seats can be slightly different when it comes to installation, so it’s best to follow the instructions that are given with the toilet seat you choose.


Raised Toilet Seats

CareLinc offers many types of raised toilet seats but a common one sold most often can be bolted directly to the toilet for added safety and adds 3.5″ to the height of the toilet seat to aid in getting on and off the toilet. This elevated option also allows the existing toilet seat lid to still be used. (Elongated and standard toilet seats available).

See any CareLinc retail space for additional height variations or installation options when it comes to raised toilet seats.

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Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails provide support and stability while sitting and rising from the toilet. Most mount securely to the toilet and are height adjustable to provide stability and to help keep you safe while in the bathroom. CareLinc even offers variations which include toilet seat risers with rails. Visit your local CareLinc to see more toilet seat support rail options.

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