Lymphedema Pump

The goal of using a pump in the treatment of lymphedema is to move excess fluid out of the affected limb and return it to the cardiovascular system. A pump is used by some treatment facilities as part of a professional service. An even more important role of the pump is for use at home by a patient who has been trained in its proper use.
If the pump is not used properly, it can force excess fluids into the surrounding tissues, therefore creating more problems.

Lymphedema Sequential Pump

Lymphedema (Sequential) Pump

Gradient Sequential 4 Chamber Compression Therapy with safety & lock system. This system prevents blood and lymph fluid from reversing to leg or arm during inflation time.

  • Gradient sequential pressure is applied through multi-chambered garments (sold separately).
  • Easy to transport
  • Cycle Time 60 sec / Inflation Time 36 sec (9 sec each chamber), Deflation Time 24 sec.
  • Pressure Adjustable from 20 mmHg to 100 mmHg.
  • Timer: 0 to 60 min or Continuous Mode.
  • 12″L x 8″W x 5.5″H | Weight 5 lbs

HCPC E0651

Lymphedema Garment Sleeve, Full-Leg, Double, 30in.

Leg & Arm Sleeves

  • Full & 1/2 leg sleeve, double & single options available
  • Full arm sleeve, double & single options available
  • Extenders for any edema sleeves also available

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