Bed Rails & Bed Assists

Bed rails are great for those individuals who are prone to restlessness and could potentially fall out of bed. They are used to prevent fall injuries, primarily for elderly patients or those who struggle with stability. Bed assist rails come with a variety of options including having adjustable heights, safety straps, and tool-free assembly and adjustment. These bed hand rails can attach to the side of any number of modern electric, semi-electric, and manual hospital beds as well as many twin, queen, and king-sized home beds.


Bed Rails

Having adjustable bed rails attached to your bed can reduce the risk of falling out of bed and increase your overall bed safety, particularly if you are a restless sleeper. Bed rails are typically made of coated steel, are easy to install, and can be attached to most hospital beds and most supported by the floor or attached between the mattress and box spring.

Bed Assist Rails

Bed assist rails allow users something to grab, for increased stability, when getting in and out of bed. In addition to providing stability through a bar, a bed assist rail will help to prevent rolling out of bed too. Some bed side rails we offer, additionally, have side pockets to store remote controls, books, medications and more.

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