Barton Chairs

A Barton chair provides a “no-lift” solution that is revolutionizing health care by providing a safe, comfortable and dignified method of transferring and moving non- and limited-ambulatory patients. This medical device can make it much easier when it comes to moving, repositioning, and transferring patients safely. This upright, mobile chair allows a single caregiver to easily move a person while minimizing the risk of injury. CareLinc carries barton chairs to help caregivers and patients alike have a better way to get around the home.


Barton Chairs

  • Reclines to stretcher position to transfer between bed and chair
  • Tilt-in-Space capability, providing pressure relief
  • Fully adjustable headrest with side-support
  • Unlimited reclining positions available for patient comfort
  • Trendelenburg position capability
  • Sturdy steal frame accommodates patients weighing up to 250 lbs.
  • Overall 24 inch chair width can move through standard doorways

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