Apnea Monitor

• Cardiopulmonary monitor • Provide documented event monitoring • Portable and easy to use • Monitors ECG, Respiration (Impedance), Oximetry, Pulse & Plethysmography • Generates audible and visual alarms as well as document potential life threatening events in infants.


Circadiance SmartMonitor 2

For use in the home, the SmartMonitor 2 apnea monitor offers the latest technology for monitoring heart and respiration activity in one portable and easy-to-use device. If recordable changes in heart rate or respiration occur, the SmartMonitor 2 alarms and a universal symbol-based interface make it easy to determine the patient’s condition. SmartTrace Neonatal/Pediatric Electrodes

  • Interwoven mesh sensing grid helps contribute to broad signal detection
  • Patented dual layer hydrogel is gentle on baby’s skin but provides excellent adhesion
  • Breathable moisture barrier performs well in high humidity
  • Lasts up to ten days with repeated application
  • Double soldered wires reduce wire pullout
  • Copper lead wire promotes high quality tracings
  • Applies and reapplies without rewetting
  • Resists moisture and ‘dry out’

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