Bed Accessories

Many different items are available through CareLinc offer additional safety and make patients more comfortable while in bed.



Bolsters can be an alternative to a winged mattress and serves to keep a person from rolling out of bed.

Bolsters can be used on non-hospital beds as well.

Bed Rail Pads

Hospital bed rail pads act as bed rail bumpers between the side rail and the patient. They protect against bruising from direct contact and form a guard against entrapment of arms or legs within the bars.

OurĀ guards fasten to the rails with Velcro closure so it is easy to re-adjust the position of the bed rail covers to meet changing needs of patients and they are come with a vinyl cover making them easy to clean.

Fall Mats

Fall mats are used as a precaution for people who may fall out of low-boy hospital beds.

A mat is placed on the floor next to the bed and offers additional protection from landing on the hard floor itself.

Mattress Alarms

Use a mattress alarm to monitor someone from exiting their bed. Alarm removes off as long as the person is seated or laying down and it sounds when pressure is removed from the pad.

Pad size is usually 30″ x 10″

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