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CareLinc’s Rehab department provides independent living solutions, products and services to help those in need live more independently. For those who are aging at home or the physically challenged, CareLinc’s skilled professionals can provide a home accessibility assessment and are trained to evaluate and enhance an individual’s mobility. We quote, sell, install, and service the leading brands of home modification and accessibility products with barrier-free designs. Utilizing products like stair lifts, platform lifts, ceiling lifts, wheelchair ramp systems, walk in bathtubs and other solutions, CareLinc can help optimize an individual’s freedom and increase comfort in their home.


Every 11 seconds an older adult can be found visiting an emergency room for a fall-related injury in the United States. Falls are the number one leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Falls can be costly in actual dollars but more often in someone’s quality of life. On the bright side, falling doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of aging. Accessible home improvement together with products from CareLinc and being proactive can help reduce the number of falls among our seniors in the community.

SureHands Body Support:

  • Ergonomic Lifting Without A Sling
  • Independent Transfer Possible
  • Access To The Tub, Toilet, & The Bed
  • Automatic Stop At Any Desired Spot
  • CareLinc is an EXCLUSIVE dealer of SureHands in the area!

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