Vehicle Lifts

CareLinc’s power mobility department will analyze your vehicle, capabilities and mobility device to find out which vehicle lift is the best match for your needs!


Interior Lifts

Vehicle lifts can secure and protect power chairs, scooters or manual wheelchairs inside the cargo area of a vehicle typically while maintaining the third-row seat (where applicable)

From Pride Mobility:

  • Commander (Trunk or Hitch Mount)
  • Commander 450 (2-Axis & 3-Axis)
  • Zeus (260, 440)
  • Backpacker Plus

Exterior Lifts

Go where you want, how you want, where you want, with an exterior lift. This type of lift is attached to the vehicle by means of a hitch and consists of an actuator and platform which secures and carries a manual chair, scooter, or powerchair.

From Pride Mobility:

  • Backpacker (and Backpacker Plus)
  • Outlander (DE, XL, TM, LP, and LP Mini)

Hybrid Lifts

Easy drive-on and drive-off with hybrid lifts. They are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area and are designed to move out and down so the mobility device is loaded onto the platform on the ground. Its then lifted automatically into the vehicle for transport. Available for Minivans, SUV’s full-size vans and some Crossovers.

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