Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are most commonly used as portable or back-up oxygen (during power failures) or when traveling. CareLinc offers aluminum cylinders in a variety of sizes that last varying duration times when temperature, number of breaths per minute and liter flow are taken into account.


O2 Cylinders

Common sized cylinders for portability: B, C, D and E.

Large H & K tanks can be stored as back-up oxygen supply.

Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen regulators come in two basic types: continuous flow and conserver.

  • Continuous flow provides a steady flow of oxygen while a patient is on portable cylinders.
  • Conservers shut off O2 supply while the patient is exhaling, conserving oxygen and may allow for additional cylinder duration time depending on circumstances.

*Note: Patients with certain debilitating conditions may not be able to trigger the conserver regulators, which could result in poor oxygenation. 

Oxygen Carts

Oxygen carts can make transportation of oxygen cylinders easier and safer

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