Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are used to raise or lower someone from a stationary position and reduce effort and stain for the user of the lift. Units have wheel locks on the casters to provide safety and control. CareLinc offers a wide variety of manual hydraulic lifts and electric lifts including lifts with high weight capacities.


Patient Lifts (Hoyers)

Lifts can be used to lift a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, or a wheelchair to a recliner, or back to bed. Lifts have two basic parts the lift and the sling. The crane is the structure that does the lifting, while the sling is wrapped around the patient and hooked up to the crane. CareLinc offers both manual patient lifts and hydraulic or electronically powered lifts. Manual lifts use a hydraulic hand pump system, while electronic lifts are battery powered.

Heavy-duty options are available for situations where the patient’s weight is over 350 lbs.

Stand-Up Lift

CareLinc offers both manual and power sit-to-stand lifts for ease of use and smooth transfers between a user and caregiver.

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