Power Recliners

A power recliner and lift chair lets you enjoy hours of comfortable relaxation from an upright seated position to full recline and many reclining positions in between. It helps gain a sense of independence, mobility, and freedom for customers with mobility limitations.

They provide assistance to the customer that needs different positions because of severe arthritis of the hips or knees or other diagnosis(es) and help getting to a standing position. Customer or caregiver controls the positions of the power reclining chair for maximum comfort.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in a situation of limited mobility, finding a power recliner for them can make a huge difference in the quality of their life. An electric power lift recliner can be helpful for the elderly who experience difficulties when trying to sit down and then get back up again. Not only can these chairs serve as an easier way of sitting down and standing up, but they are also a very comfortable addition to your living room.

Power lift recliners are comfortable chairs that include a lifting mechanism that lifts and slants allowing for an easier time getting up out of a chair. These electric recliners can also recline back allowing a person to be in a lying position for taking a nap. As you can see, these chairs are quite useful for those with limited mobility. With such chairs, you can rest assured that your loved one will gain more independence around their home.

There are many benefits that come along with using a power recliner including:

  • Creates a sense of independence for a person with mobility limitations.
  • Reduces potential risks of injury that otherwise could occur without the lift chair.
  • Provides a significant amount of comfort and relaxation.
  • Saves time for caregivers who won’t have to always be by a person’s side to assist them with standing up or sitting down.

Depending on your preference, CareLinc offers a variety of different lift chair recliners for sale with different materials, features, and functions. Whether you are looking for a faux leather chair or one that has a cloth fabric, we have just the chair for you. Some chairs even have convenient features such as a heat and massage function, easy to reach side pockets, and a user-friendly remote control. Regardless of what you’re looking for, our team can help match you to the best-fit power recliner to meet your needs.

When you place an order for your new power lift chair recliner, it will be delivered to your front door and completely set up by trained delivery techs into the room specified by customer/caregiver. Delivery personnel reviews lift chair operation to be sure customer and/or caregiver understand its function. At CareLinc, we want to make this process is very easy for you – that’s why we manage all the hard work through the entire set up process. Our trained technicians will not leave your home until you feel comfortable with how your new recliner operates.


MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight

The MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight positioning using our patent pending 3-motor cradle technology offers an array of rejuvenating options to ease the body and mind.

Twilight positioning is like no other seating system in the world.

Its many health benefits include achieving a back angle that is similar to standing, putting less pressure on the spine and reducing spinal muscle fatigue.

Our 30 degree angle takes the usual TV watching and zero gravity positions to a whole new level. Only Twilight offers a TRUE zero gravity sensation.

Prepare for an exceptional seating and recline experience!

See Golden Tech’s complete lift chair offerings on their website


  • Featuring Patented MaxiComfort recline technology, the world’s only two motor power lift and recline chair with our adjustable active seat option.
  • MaxiComfort recline options include TV Watching, Zero Gravity, Sleep, and Trendelenburg.
  • Offering Autodrive with programmable memory settings (Not Available on the M26)
  • Optional Power Pillow for powered head and neck comfort
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs to 500lbs
  • Fits all users between 4’8″ to 6’8″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; wood and metal
  • 7 Year warranty; motor and electronics

Available in 6 sizes: Junior Petite (PR505JP), Small (PR505S), Medium (PR505M), Large (PR505L), Tall (PR505T), and 500 lbs (PR505-M26).

See Golden Tech’s complete lift chair offerings on their website

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