Airvo 2

The MyAirvo 2 is an integrated humidifier and flow generator that delivers low to high levels of heated, humidified air, using sterile/distilled water. Oxygen can be added to achieve desired FiO2. The Airvo can be attached to a tracheostomy tube, or to a variety of nasal cannula sizes.

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Who can rent an Airvo?

The Airvo does not have a billable HCPC for insurance purposes and is a private pay item. It is unlikely that an Airvo will be authorized by insurance. Typically the Airvo is ordered by Hospice and Nursing Homes. The Airvo requires a physician’s order. Pricing information is available on the Airvo Pricing sheet.

Who can benefit from an Airvo?

The Airvo can benefit any patient, pediatric to adult that is in need of heated, humidified airflow. Oxygen can be added to achieve a specific FiO2, and can be attached to different sizes of nasal cannulas or to a trach adapter. Specific flow rates can be adjusted to a wide range of needs.

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